About the company

Castovanni OÜ is the company based on local capital handling the debt claims from the year 2006.

Future vision

Castovanni OÜ has grown from year to year as to the sales as well as the number of employees and claims and developed more mature compared to the starting period. We are becoming the Estonian market leader in the sector of consumer credit and wish to continue these trends for sure.

In 2013 we expanded to Latvia and we have started very successfully at the market there foremost thanks to the experience in Estonia. Soon we also plan to enter the Lithuanian market and open the representation of Castovanni there.

Small claims against private persons

Since 2006 Castovanni team has specialised in handling small claims against private persons. We proceed from this focus in everyday work as well as in training of our employees.

We are convinced that we can offer the best solutions and results for the company whose portfolio includes many debtors as private persons.

Profound claims handling

We have profoundly handled approximately 30 000 claims in Estonia and Latvia by today. Such volume presumes that the processes were well-considered and effective.

Our claims administrators deal with each claim, if needed, for hours to contact the debtor, reach an agreement and offer the actually effective solution. Personal approach to each claim and debtor is important for us.

Data analysis

We continuously contribute to the improvement of data analysis. The faster, more exact and detailed data enable to manage the processes more effectively and focus on the sections where one’s own work can be improved.

We are also always ready to advise our clients and analyse the credit management of the companies.

Devoted to goal. Always. 

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