Credit management audit

For the most efficient result

The consultation service is very common in contemporary business world and also in our sector. We believe that our competence and tested solutions help to offer you the best possible result in debt collection.

Based on our experience we dare to declare that the key for success is the constant completion of processes related to debt handling.

We have charted the necessary procedures and proceeding from the client and debtor’s profile we can offer a solution suitable for the specific case. Sometimes it is sufficient to review the already tested unsuccessful solutions and establishing of weaknesses to make the work efficient.

More common drawbacks in company’s credit management

  • Procedures are not correctly drawn up and charted.
  • There is no person responsible for credit management.
  • The claims have no clear time schedule, the claims are handled irregularly.
  • There is no control over the quality of the work of collection partner.
  • There is no system for flow of claims between collection companies.
  • There are no meters which would indicate fast and simple the current trends, efficiency of measures and quality of claim handling.

If you feel that your company could have room for development in the abovementioned sectors, please contact. We will review the current status of credit management of your company, chart the current process and review the existing meters.

Together we will find the best method for improving our results and, if required, adjust the business management software, the fast and logical graphic review of which provides a prompt overview of all necessary issues.