Debt collection

Reliable system

We have processed profoundly thousands of debt claims and by doing this always pursued to make the process more effective and systematic. We have reached the stage with processes where the claims are constantly under procedure and the negligence of the claims due to system errors is practically excluded.

We use very powerful business management software for the continuous assessment of the persons handling the claims and issue of procedure reports to the clients. Our employees deal, if needed, for hours with each claim to find a contact with the debtor, achieve an agreement and offer the actually effective solution. Personal approach to each claim and debtor is important for us.

The meters and periodical reports developed by us guarantee peace of mind and clearly measurable results for our clients. You can boldly give major debt portfolios to us for handling and be sure that we can cope well with our work.

If you seek for loyal and reliable cooperation partners for handling the debt claims, we are ready to accept your doubtful debts into procedure as the pilot project to prove the efficiency of service of Castovanni OÜ and high level of its team.

Our advantages

  • Transparent price policy: the client pays only for the real results
  • Profound handling of debt claims
  • Consistent analysis of results and regular procedure reports
  • Top-level contact search
  • Detailed debtor database
  • Empathic working methods which guarantee the dignity of debtors and good name of the client
  • We also offer debt collection abroad

Possibility for test assignment

Test assignment is the best way to assess our service.

The test portfolio could consist of 200-300 claims without receipts and real contact with the debtor. No expenses are involved in accepting the claims to procedure during the pilot project, the service fee is calculated only on the actually received sums.

We believe that real and measurable results pave their way for long-term cooperation.

Send an inquiry for test assignment.