Real results in old debts handling

We have trusted the specialists of Castovanni in collection procedures. Castovanni fulfils the sector at the market which is not very popular – very old debts. We have cooperation with numerous partners and we mainly choose these according to their operating strategy.

We have seen the real results in old debts handling in cooperation with Castovanni and we are very pleased with their correct work. We surely use the services of Castovanni also in the future and recommend them to others.

Valdis Kald
Credit Invest OÜ

Open communication and good information exchange

Our aim was to create cooperation with some collection company who would handle the really old debts (10 and more years). As to cooperation partners, we prefer the ones who have more favourable terms and can present already real results.

The terms of cooperation contract with Castovanni were suitable for us and they are up to today our only partner in this sector. Thanks to them we have received many very old debts by today. We value open communication and good information exchange of Castovanni, we recommend them to others.

Andrus Post
Koduliising OÜ

The best in the sector

As I am perfectionist, I prefer to choose only the best companies and people as partners. It is essential for me to work with people who work not for short-term benefit but for long-term relations and better work in principle. As to Oliver and Castovanni I can be sure that they always give their best + another 10% bonus.

In choosing the partners I have two main criteria – results and attitude, at least one of the latter should exist for cooperation. If the results are poor, good attitude and wish to test/improve should be present. If the results are good, attitude is not so important. In case of Castovanni I am pleased to state that both components are there just from the beginning. Besides, they do not remain resting on the laurels regardless of the good results. Innovation is a daily matter for them.

The strength of Castovanni is the will to be the best, the wish to do this work daily as good as possible, considering each single claim.

I value the setup of work organization, salary system, hiring, reporting and key performance indicators and how no simple standard truths are followed here, but here people could “think outside the box”.

In my opinion Castovanni has no competitors as to the work quality and actual understanding of collection business in the Baltic countries, possible that even in the remaining East European countries or Scandinavia. Castovanni is quite a lot ahead of its time and the other Baltic countries need to develop a lot. Honestly, I am even disturbed by the fact that there is no other competitor regarding them, as this would be useful for me. It seems like a sales statement, but I could state this after my experience with 68 larger and smaller collection companies.

Castovanni had a very important role for MCB Group in overcoming the European economic crisis and further development of the whole group. Foremost, I am satisfied with that I have actually one trouble less.

By cooperating with the company which has a careless attitude towards your claims and maximises its short-term results instead of long-term strategic client relationship, you lose real money as alternative expenses. Therefore having no cooperation with Castovanni is an expensive undertaking and I am not thus rich yet.

Raul Paiste
Group Collection Director
MCB Finance AS, Credit24