Purchase of claim portfolios

Trust your debt claims to us

We offer a possibility to trust your debt claims to our specialists, so you can daily do your main work and optimize the labour resources and time expense. Also, you could increase current assets by selling the claims to us.

We focus in our work always on quality and prefer long-term client relationships – each client is a key client for us.

The years-long sectoral experience and motivated team provides us security to make a purchase offer to your claims. It is an outstanding way for your company to become free from problems and get the money back. Also, you could daily handle your everyday work by optimizing thus both labour resources and time expense. Our specialists prepare all necessary documents, you should only wait for the receipt of the claim which takes only a couple of days based on the current practice.

Castovanni OÜ is specialized in handling and managing of large-scale claim portfolios. The experienced team contacts the debtors and offers the best possibilities to solve the situation. We promise that we have always a respectful attitude towards debtors.

Please contact us and we analyze together your claim portfolio. We offer you the possibility to immediately increase your current assets by selling the claims to us.

Devoted to goal. Always.