To the debtor

If there is a debt incurred

If you are in financial difficulties, start solving the problems immediately.

We know that most of debtors are not in debt vindictively, thus we guarantee each debtor their dignity. We consider the person in debt our cooperation partner whose debt has incurred due to circumstances and whose situation is temporary.

If needed, we deal with each claim for hours to find a contact with debtor, achieve an agreement and offer the really effective solution. Personal approach to each claim and debtor is important for us. We hear the person in trouble out, devote time to everyone and advise according to the situation and nature of the problem.

Together we can find a solution for your debt problems

  • Feel free to contact us
  • If possible, we decrease collateral claims
  • We stop the calculation of fine for delay, if you conclude the payment agreement and keep to it.


With our partners we can offer a quality service


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Courage to face the situation is already half the battle!